Scrap Car Collection in Sussex, Surrey, London.


LJC Autospares are aware of the environmental changes happening and the effect it is having on life today. We pride ourselves on being a company that is involved in preventing pollution and waste, by collecting used metal and becoming part of the process in getting it ready to be recycled.

On a daily basis our fleet of vehicles serve the local community in collecting and disposing of their unwanted end of life vehicles and remove crashed and abandoned vehicles from the streets for local authorities, which helps keep the streets clean and tidy. Our fleet of vehicles also assist national parking companies by helping clear illegally parked vehicles and illegally/non-taxed vehicles.

LJC Autospares uses the latest equipment to safely de-pollute and recycle end of life vehicles. The recycling process starts with vehicles being de-polluted from all hazardous waste and fluids. Once fully de-polluted the waste scrap is then handled by the scrap material handling machine and put in to our state of the art automatic recycling bailer, which then processes the scrap into a bailed material. After the de-pollution and crushing process, the bails are sold to steel mills for recycling back into new steel.

Onsite we have an online computer link to the DVLA, where we can notify them that your vehicle has been recycled by the standards of the Environment Agency and registered as scrap as soon as it enters our site.

The recycling process at LJC Autospares Ltd

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